Working with the community

Storytelling and Mime workshops in Mumbai and Pune, India

At an elementary school located in the slum district of Mumbai, we did 3 days of workshops with 4 different groups of about 40 children each for a total of 18 hours of instruction and drama activities. There were 2 different age groups of 9 & 10  year-olds. They really enjoyed the fun stories we acted out. Here are some of the many thank you cards they gave us:

  • “Your moves is very beautiful. Your drama very happy. Your dance very beautiful. I like it all the moves, dance, drama. Thank you. Come again!”  [sic]   - Mooh Sanat
  • I like action and I like activity. Thank you for quality time to us. We just love your training. We love you. [sic]  - Md. Ayaan