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Elixir Mime uses Applied Theater, which is the use of drama practice in an educational, community or therapeutic context. It is often done in non-theatrical spaces, with participants who do not consider themselves to be artists.

At the Elixir Mime workshops we teach mime acting techniques, communication, storytelling, and presentation skills to the participants. Though all young people could benefit from these workshops, our focus is to help young people that are underserved, disadvantaged, or challenged physically or mentally, and to empower their caregivers to teach dramatic skills.

Mime opens up performance possibilities for international communication and is especially beneficial for the Deaf as a means of expression. It is also an excellent and viable means of developing self-confidence and communication skills in youth. The institutions hosting the workshop will monitor progress of the participants and keep the momentum up for developing their drama skills during and after the workshops with our heartfelt cooperation, on-going support, and networking capabilities. We encourage new mime groups to form in the places where we have done workshops and continue to cooperate with any existing mime performing groups that share our goals. We continually strive to update and improve our performance arts skills by researching new methods and instruction in order to communicate more effectively. — You can get lots of ideas from watching children. Ask them what they want to see and then do it.

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