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  • help the participants to utilize the power of stories through dramatic performances to share meaningful stories and ideas
  • work with existing NGO’s to facilitate mime, acting, storytelling workshops in their area and enhance their skill training program.
  • give the disadvantaged and those facing special physical challenges a means of creative expression
  • introduce Elixir Mime’s story/telling mime course to a wider audience. The course made available to each member and they will be encouraged to share it with others
  • build a network with volunteers and interested young people for continued development of storytelling through mime and theater.
  • encourage volunteers and young people to develop acting skills in order to perform at a professional level for their community and enhance their public communication skills
  • create and perform regular quality performances containing inspirational story content at established theatres as well as at informal settings.


  • Facilitate mime/storytelling workshop or related projects regularly every month
  • Document each workshop with photos, reports, recommendation letters and newsletters
  • Research and improve the workshop material by continually enriching the class content
  • Correspond with former participants and seek to find new participants for the workshops every month. Strengthen and expand our mime workshop network.
  • Develop and adapt the course to fit the needs of special sectors such as the mentally challenged, troubled or delinquent youth, summer camps, and integration of the Elixir Mime course into public school curriculums.

The Concept:

To build positive communication and drama skills through powerful and inspirational story performance.

The purpose of these workshops is to develop expressive & dramatic story telling skills in young people. Mime is our emphasis because we are not focusing on dialogue, but rather on actions, theme, body movements, and facial expressions. Narration is sometimes used. Much more than just French classical mime, our techniques emphasize communication skills that can be understood by any nationality or language. Acting out stories has been proven to be one of the most effective means of sharing ideas and feelings throughout the ages.

As one Story Telling NGO put it: "Stories transport, amuse, teach, question, and they heal. They shape the way a generation grows, help mold minds and they are essentially the way we learn. Since there is a natural urge and a considerable ability in all human beings to narrate stories, we believe, that even the simplest endeavors of nurturing this impulse can bring about immense results in inspiring imagination and a positive approach to living."

We welcome any financial or other support. Please contact us for details.

Appreciation and Invitation for all: