Elixir Mime Workshops and Performances held in Dnipro, Ukraine  July 2019

We were invited by the Ukrainian educational project SMILE to facilitate mime and Bible story telling workshops at their youth summer camps at the Blue Lake near Dnipro, Ukraine. There were two camps held, each one lasting for 6 days.

The first group had 15 children ages 9-12, and the second group had 15 teens ages 13-18 participating. The children attending came from lower income families and foster homes from rural areas. For many of them, this camp is the highlight of their year.

Our goal was to teach them basic acting movements and methods so they could enhance their drama group performances and improve their personal communication skills while learning English at the same time. Our emphasis was acting out Bible stories, particularly
the parables of Jesus which will be performed for their community.

We did a similar workshop with SMILE at their camp in 2013. Some of the participants of that camp acted as youth leaders and helpers this year in these camps working along side us, making a great team!

The key concepts that we continually emphasized were: energy, concentration, imagination, and heavenly inspiration!
energy, concentration, imagination, and heavenly inspiration!

see PDF of Elixir Mime Workshop...Dnipro, Ukraine