Working with the community

Storytelling and Mime workshops in Mumbai and Pune, India

At an elementary school located in the slum district of Mumbai, we did 3 days of workshops with 4 different groups of about 40 children each for a total of 18 hours of instruction and drama activities. There were 2 different age groups of 9 & 10  year-olds. They really enjoyed the fun stories we acted out. Here are some of the many thank you cards they gave us:

  • “Your moves is very beautiful. Your drama very happy. Your dance very beautiful. I like it all the moves, dance, drama. Thank you. Come again!”  [sic]   - Mooh Sanat
  • I like action and I like activity. Thank you for quality time to us. We just love your training. We love you. [sic]  - Md. Ayaan

Here is a reaction from the principal of the school were we did the workshops.
“I was extremely delighted to have you with us. You managed to give some quality input both to the children and the teachers.
The children particularly enjoyed emoting different emotions. They also shared how they could think of making stories with whatever materials they had.
The teachers were particularly vocal about how your session had helped them to shed inhibitions and get into a character. They also shared that they need a lot of practice.
I want to thank you and Pauline for the wonderful moments you spent with enriching us.”
With warm regards,
Principal at R.E. Primary School