Project Overview

Volunteers are an instrumental and important work force in any community and can be a valuable assistance in many ways. From helping an elderly neighbour with their shopping, to providing computer assistance or legal advice for a local charity, volunteers make a vital contribution to all aspects of community life.

Curtis Peter van Gorder

Through this MOVE program we aim to train youth in the field of volunteerism, through learning the essence of volunteerism and the practical how-to's of implementing projects. The planning stage will give them hands on experience in identifying and developing a project. The implementation stage will give them experience and the satisfaction of assisting others in the community.

The project uses up-to-date methodology utilizing PowerPoints, video clips, interactive activities and role plays to involve the participants providing hands on training. 'Fieldwork' exercises also encourage them to reach out to others.

The project will be run by Family Care Eduvision.

The international trainers from FCE have many years of experience in the field of voluntarism, educational development and humanitarian projects, thus lending a high degree of professionalism and skill to the overall training program. Similar courses have been conducted both in many other countries successfully over the past four years.

Seminar Sessions & Planning Workshop Topics:

Day 1 - You Can Make a Difference
Day 2 - Love and Respect
Day 3 - Communication and Teamworking
Day 4 - Overcoming Obstacles
Day 5 - Setting Goals
Day 6 – Leadership Qualities
Day 7 – Planning Workshop
Day 8 - Planning Workshop
Day 9 - Implementation


  • Lectures, video clips, PPS, Skits & Interactive activities
  • Fieldwork activities
  • Discussion forums, role plays
  • Field Trips (projects)

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