Who we are

Thoughts drive actions and actions create results. A motivated company is a more productive one. We at the Corporate MOVE team are a group of professional trainers whose goal is to help you to do just that. We work with your company to find the keys needed to open new doors of opportunity so that you and your team can reach its full potential.

Curtis Peter van Gorder

Corporate MOVE is a unique training program that fulfills your specific motivational and instructional needs. From mastering basic communication skills to honing essential leadership qualities; Corporate MOVE gives you the soft skills and behavioral skills needed for optimum results.

Our expert international staff has extensive experience in world business affairs as well as a thorough knowledge of local market needs. We use a wide range of engaging methods which ensure experiential learning at its best.

The MOVE program has received international as well as local acclaim for its effectiveness in motivating its participants and getting long term results.

What we do

  • Identify and fulfill specific training goals that a company can achieve
  • Provide the best quality training possible by sharing a wealth of motivational resources and experiences
  • Follow through with post-training consultancy needs



After extensive research and much experience, the Corporate MOVE program has integrated the latest methods in motivational training to ensure that the sessions are lively and engaging for the participants involved. Proven theoretical managerial training and practical experience are vital ingredients of this program which are used to build up an armory of workplace knowledge for your company's employees in order to achieve fruitful results in the ever changing global marketplace.

When needed, Corporate MOVE programs are also held at out-of-town locations, such as at resort hotels or adventure camps that have recreational facilities.

MOVE utilizes the following methods

  • Lectures
  • Case studies and success stories
  • Audio-visual presentations: video clips and PowerPoint presentations
  • Skits
  • Interactive activities
  • Assignments
  • Discussion forums
  • Role play
  • Assessment questionnaires and quizzes
  • Summarization through power tips, checklists and points to remember

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