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  1. help the participants to utilize the power of stories through dramatic performances to share meaningful stories and ideas
  2. work with existing NGO’s to facilitate mime, acting, storytelling workshops in their area and enhance their skill training program.
  3. give the disadvantaged and those facing special physical challenges a means of creative expression
  4. introduce Elixir Mime’s story/telling mime course to a wider audience. The course made available to each member and they will be encouraged to share it with others
  5. build a network with volunteers and interested young people for continued development of storytelling through mime and theater.
  6. encourage volunteers and young people to develop acting skills in order to perform at a professional level and enhance their public communication skills
  7. create and perform regular quality performances containing inspirational story content at established theatres as well as at informal settings.


  1. Facilitate mime/storytelling workshop or related projects regularly every month
  2. Document each workshop with photos, reports, recommendation letters and newsletters
  3. Research and improve the workshop material by continually enriching the class content
  4. Correspond with former participants and seek to find new participants for the workshops every month. Strengthen and expand our mime workshop network.
  5. Develop and adapt the course to fit the needs of special sectors such as the mentally challenged, troubled or delinquent youth, summer camps, and integration of the Elixir Mime course into public school curriculums.

The Concept:

To build positive communication and drama skills through powerful and inspirational story performance.

The purpose of these workshops is to develop expressive & dramatic story telling skills in young people. Mime is our emphasis because we are not focusing on dialogue, but rather on actions, theme, body movements, and facial expressions. Narration is sometimes used. Much more than just French classical mime, our techniques emphasize communication skills that can be understood by any nationality or language. Acting out stories has been proven to be one of the most effective means of sharing ideas and feelings throughout the ages.

As one Story Telling NGO put it: "Stories transport, amuse, teach, question, and they heal. They shape the way a generation grows, help mould minds and they are essentially the way we learn. Since there is a natural urge and a considerable ability in all human beings to narrate stories, we believe, that even the simplest endeavors of nurturing this impulse can bring about immense results in inspiring imagination and a positive approach to living."

Appreciation and Invitation for all:

Elixir Mime Overview

Elixir Mime uses Applied Theater, which is the use of drama practice in an educational, community or therapeutic context. It is often done in non-theatrical spaces, with participants who do not consider themselves to be artists.

At the Elixir Mime workshops we teach mime acting techniques, communication, storytelling, and presentation skills to the participants. Though all young people could benefit from these workshops, our focus is to help young people that are underserved, disadvantaged, or challenged physically or mentally, and to empower their caregivers to teach dramatic skills.

Mime opens up performance possibilities for international communication and is especially beneficial for the Deaf as a means of expression. It is also an excellent and viable means of developing self-confidence and communication skills in youth. The institutions hosting the workshop will monitor progress of the participants and keep the momentum up for developing their drama skills during and after the workshops with our heartfelt cooperation, on-going support, and networking capabilities. We encourage new mime groups to form in the places where we have done workshops and continue to cooperate with any existing mime performing groups that share our goals. We continually strive to update and improve our performance arts skills by researching new methods and instruction in order to communicate more effectively.

At the end of the 3 day workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Be proficient in the basic mime skills
  • Teach others the basic skills of mime they have learned
  • Put on a short performance

During and after each workshop an evaluation is made of the workshop, both by the facilitators and the participants to make future workshops more effective.

  "We would like to give a big thanks to all who participated in our mime workshops and to those who expressed interest or gave support in various ways to our projects. You are the reason for our success. If we can be of service in any way to you in developing the storytelling mime project in your area, please feel free to let us know. It is hoped that you will recommend us to those you meet so that we can continue to develop this work in new areas as well. If you would like to continue to participate in future projects, please keep in touch so that we can keep you informed. Thanks and best wishes!"

Goals for 2017:

  • Train mime actors and story tellers at our coffee shop A30 in Dresden, Germany. Continue our weekly performances and storytelling there.
  • Conduct workshops in countries that are in need of our services.
  • Facilitating mime workshops and training programs in Port Elisabeth, and other cities in South Africa as well as developing a drama program for the schools in Lesotho. These projects would be done in conjunction with Family Care Africa.
  • Developing specific themes for targeted venues and audiences such as building self-esteem for abused women in homes in Thailand, performing arts for autistic children for summer camps in Texas, dramatizing the immune system for health awareness in Africa and the Dresden Health Museum, enacting stories for Dresden’s International Week against Racism, and acting out stories for conflict resolution for the Military Museum in Dresden.