"FCE projects vary from city to city and respond to a broad spectrum of needs."


Curtis Peter van Gorder

Family Care Eduvision is made up of professional volunteers from diverse backgrounds and nationalities, who have made a full time commitment to serve others and to make a positive difference in their part of the world. The members of FCE are melded together by a common ideal to work together to make the community they live in a better place.

FCE projects vary from city to city and respond to a broad spectrum of needs. These programs include personality and character development, educational and vocational training, drug prevention and rehabilitation, disaster relief, personal counseling, helping youth at risk, and assisting the physically challenged.

We consider it a privilege and an inspiration to be of service to the people of this country and have great respect and admiration for their rich culture and heritage. We actively endeavor to foster cooperation and tolerance between all peoples.

Family Care Eduvision Community Projects are Devoted to:

  • Implementing motivational seminar programs for the corporate sector, volunteers, the terminally ill, teachers and students.
  • Working with children cancer patients, FCE seeks to strengthen, care, comfort, and encourage those who are suffering or otherwise disadvantaged.
  • Providing a source of positive input that will replace fear, worry, frustrations and discouragement with a happy, productive, loving and dynamic perspective on life.
  • Giving the training and resources needed to enhance positive ethics through value based programs at schools, colleges and other institutions.
  • Conducting anti-narcotic programs at drug rehabilitation centers and schools.

We conduct the below activities from time to time based on requirements and the available resources.

  1. Motivational and Educational Animation Programs
  2. Terminally Ill Survivor Support Network
  3. Fun Day Out (providing excursions for needy children) (Equal Opportunity)
  4. India Disaster Relief
  5. Food Assistance
  6. Life Coaching
  7. Drug Rehabilitation Program
  8. Birthday Fairies (fulfilling wishes of terminally ill child patients)
  9. MOVE Motivational Training Programs - implementation and translation
  10. Expressive Arts Therapy
  11. Corporate Social Responsibility Involvement Program

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