Step into the fascinating world of Elixir Scripts

Discover emotional and innovative story telling excellence that moves audiences by using unique substance, structure, and style.

Elixir Scripts offers a wide range of genre, character, setting, and ideas:

  • intimate drama to powerful awe-inspiring epics
  • comic surprise to vital social issues
  • historical to contemporary

Elixir Scripts provides entertainment by telling inspiring stories for all ages. Elixir stories present powerful conflicts that cause secrets to be pried from characters. Characters in Elixir stories display conflict, thoughtfulness, strengths, weaknesses, and strong feelings that tranform them.

Elixir Scripts are written boldly with the goal of transforming life through cinematic art. Dazzling stories are wdven tightly by using beauty and meaning to provoke strong responses in audiences. Our stories shine a light on our daily lives and unearth deep insights into human feelings, thoughts, and experiences. Elixir Scripts take audiences beyond the factual to the essential core of life on personal, spiritual, environmental, and societal levels.

Elixir Scripts can be tailored to suit specific audience expectations where needed. Foreign locations, characters, or events can be adapted to suit target audiences. Scripts can be done in Hindi, English, or other languages as required.

Elixir Scripts network with many professionals in the field of script writing, dance, and musical composition for countries around the world to guarantee the highest level of quality in film production. Artistic rights of Elixir scripts and concepts are protected by the Film Writers Association.

Elixir Scripts is dedicated to enlighten, move, and involve audiences deeply. We welcome your partnership with us on this journey. Please let us know if you require any further information.

Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you soon !

"The spirit is thought; thought is the heart; the heart is the fire; the fire is the elixir."

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