Curtis Peter van Gorder

Peter has been a professional pantomime artist and dramatic arts facilitator in various countries for the last 30 years. He is a writer of a wide range of various inspirational books and publications. His mainly writes in the genre of historical fiction and sharing personal experiences. He is a regular contributing author to the motivational magazines Activated and Motivated.

Curtis Peter van Gorder


He is an accomplished Party Pixie., actor, visual poet, mime artist, and scriptwriter. He is a teacher, facilitator, creator and director of the Elixir Mime performance and training program.

His educational background consists of a degree in Applied Science from the College of Graphic Arts and Photography, Rochester Institute of Technology and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature at CMJ University. In the field of education, he has earned teaching certificates in early childhood development, primary education, secondary education, general child care, and teaching English as a second language for business and early learners.

Peter van Gorder holds proficiency certificates in performing arts, youth and adult counseling, and human resources management.


Over thirty years of creating, organizing and conducting training programs for the following clients and institutions:


Planning and participating in and performing at the Dresden Intercultural Festival aswell as other city street festivals, event companies, Christmas Circus, and weddings. For the last two years he has done storytelling and mime performance workshops with the Red Cross at the Dresden Refugee Camp.

He writes various articles on storytelling and mime for the Theatre Times and does weekly performances at the A30 coffee shop. He has an ongoing mime and storytelling training program with the refugees at the A30.

Basing out of Germany, he has done mime workshops in West Bank, Israel; Hungary; Thailand; and Sweden. The aim of these workshops is to further the thematic goals of the NGO’s involved and to develop the performing arts and communication skills of the participants.



  1. Conducted MOVE motivational workshops with Ahuja Construction Company, Jan Vikas Society, and Asha Deep Vikas Kendra
  2. Facilitated a series of youth motivational workshops using performing arts, entitled: "I Have a Dream" for YMCA, June 2012
  3. Performed regular animation programs for children in conjunction with Tata Memorial Cancer Hospital and many other social organizations
  4. Created a comprehensive mime/acting class curriculum, which he teaches and distributes regularly to the Deaf community and organizations helping disadvantaged children, in conjunction with Elixir Mime


  1. Puppeteer, script writer, mime artist, actor, producer, for Party Pixie Entertainment Company
  2. Script writer and consultant for RightChannel productions
  3. Director Family Care Eduvision – a registered community building NGO operating in India
  4. Director of Elixir Mime, Elixir Scripts, and MOVE
  5. Director of Connect2Glam Indian Short Film Festival
  6. Freelance script writer for Elixir Scripts
  7. Freelance art photographer
  8. Regular writer of inspirational articles for Activated, Connect, Motivated, and Green magazines
  9. Mime artist and teacher of mime/acting workshops with the Deaf community in India with Elixir Mime

Jordan: King Hussein Cancer Center, Jordan University Medical Staff, Haya Cultural Center, HSBC bank

Jordan event management for: Ahli Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, HSBC bank, Children's Science Museum, Dunes Club, Polish embassy and European Union Community, and the Amman Municipality Government.Hotels: Movenpick Petra and Dead Sea, Marriot, Kempinski Dead Sea, Radison SAS in Amman and Aqaba.

Africa: RadioActive Productions (radio station and production company); Family Care development projects in Uganda and Durban, South Africa; Drama Department of Makerere University and National Theatre, Kampala, Uganda.

Japan:Sompo Japanese Insurance Company; 21st Century International School Tateyama, Japan; YMCA; Aurora Production Company; Family Fun, and Treasure Attic video production companies.

Indonesia: Indonesia Telekom, PLN (electricity board), Bank of America, various Japanese construction firms, Bandung Taxation Office, Indonesian Railways, Pathuya Secretarial College, Tizi restaurant; and officer training for Indonesian Naval Academy.

His style of presentation combines personal experiences with poignant historical and contemporary anecdotes while using fascinating facts to illustrate his points. He is known for having a dramatic flair for acting out stories so they come alive, making important concepts stick for the participants. One attendee remarked, "He definitely helped me get outside of the box of my usual thinking to see vital concepts in a new light."

Mission Statement

Our mission is to contribute our talents, experience, and available resources to improve the communities in which we operate. Our focus is developing communication skills primarily through pantomime and storytelling. We are committed to working in cooperation with existing organizations to find the most effective way to do this. Our four step process is summed up in having faith, vision, initiative, and persistence.

We have faith and believe that a project can be implemented after fully understanding it. We have the vision to plan what steps need to be taken to accomplish it and we stick with it until it is completed and can be sustained. We have a regular evaluation process to see how our methods can be improved and updated to be more effective.

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